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Amedzekor Global values a strong global community, as its title suggests. We aim to inform the world on all the news, happenings and trends, through articles, video content, podcasts and more, all to showcase what the world needs to know.

Possibilities is a key word for Amedzekor Global, and we maintain a strict policy of always striving for the impossible. We embrace change for the better, making a difference in the world by setting a good example.


Amedzekor Global seeks complete diversity, as any global and domestic company should. Perspective is the key to understanding, and having many differing perspectives interacting helps create a better world. Our teams are home to people of all different shapes, sizes, sexes, backgrounds, colors, faiths and mindsets. We pride ourselves on an inclusive working environment.

Social Responsibilities /Ventures

Utilizing its strong network and global audience, Amedzekor Global endeavours to contribute to the greater good. Through its various brands and programs, Amedzekor Global seeks to gain public trust by setting a good example for every other company.

We understand the value of inspiring and educating the world on critical issues. We are actively supporting various philanthropic initiatives, projects and ventures that bring about social responsibility and change.