AFRICA On the rise or AFRICA OTR is a premium digital lifestyle magazine with a clear focus on Africa and its people in the diaspora. It unveils a continent known to be one of the wealthiest places on earth and the birthplace of civilization; Africa, it’s enchanting beauty coupled with the many achievements that go unnoticed.

OTR profiles and highlights the ever evolving and constantly developing challenges and resources faced by its people. Africa on the rise – exotic, esoteric, enchanting, exhilarating – is the first and most comprehensive magazine which allows both Africans and allies of Africa to enjoy the unseen wonder of a place noted for its astounding beauty and wealth of traditions. Africa on the rise showcases unique cuisine, deeply rooted customs, stunning imagery, interesting people, investment opportunities and mystical places you likely never even knew existed. It also features sections on notable and ordinary Africans who have achieved international success in varying sectors.