Rise! is an edutainment magazine targeting collegiate audience with the impetus to empower and inspire young adults between the ages of 18 to 45. Rise! is the source of inspiration, the umbilical cord that connects all who can make an impact on the younger generation.

Rise! magazine is committed to working for a significant cause, profiling successful college students, alumni, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and other professionals whose stores will stimulate our audience to rise above every occasion. Rise! magazine’s content is as diverse as our audience, ranging from lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, politics, business, all the way up to health, fitness and more. Rise! is dedicated to reaching young adults in every facet of their lives; educationally, financially, socially, vocationally, spiritually, emotionally, and /or physically.

What sets rise! apart from other magazines is the focus and ultimate goal: empowering and edu-taining today’s youth while building tomorrow’s leaders. Rise! Magazine not only seeks to reach the college community but also alumni and those that possess an entrepreneurial spirit, a thirst for knowledge and the intent to make positive changes in their everyday life. Rise! is the brainchild of All About Edu-tainment, Inc. and Published by iConcept Media Group.