Imagine living in a world of tangible aspirations…where boundless creativity and innovation are paired with unique people who ASPIRE to make their own mark in the world through their craft, whether it be a career, dance or music or photography. Imagine these people together, celebrating their achievements and the technology that empowers and inspires their endeavours. It has been said that the EARTH without the “art” is just “eh”. It truly would be a boring place. This is just one of the ways we hope to inspire, and we believe that aspirations are priceless.

ASP/RE Festival, the first festival of its kind, will be centered around the Chelsea and Midtown areas of New York City with a multitude of simultaneous connecting events located throughout the city. It is an annual festival that celebrates creativity, aspirations and achievements. The first annual Asp.FEST™ will take place on September 15th through 21st, 2016. It is set to feature countless different categories of creativity and innovation, including:

  • Visual Arts: all things film, graphic designing, advertising, photography and painting,
  • Music Arts: every expertise of music, such as singers, dancers, producers and DJ’s.
  • Fashion Arts: the wide ranging areas of beauty, accessories, body art and fashion design.
  • Food Art: the always in demand subjects of culinary arts, bartending, cooking competitions and more.
  • Science & Technological inventions: art incorporating light and science, new inventions, futuristic technologies and anything else you can imagine, and maybe a little beyond that as well.

ASP/RE will expose these creative works to a broader and more diverse audience, while also allowing these dreamers to network with each other to insure a better and brighter tomorrow. In addition, various seminars and workshops will be provided to SPARK ideas, educate and inspire people to take actions and get involved.

Our aim is rather simple. We ASPIRE to build an EMPIRE of INSPIRATIONAL creative geniuses before we EXPIRE. To what do you ASPIRE?