The Fashion Style Institute of New York (hereby referred to as FSI) was founded by a crack team of creative pioneers with the monumental desire to educate future fashion designers, stylists, contributors and icons. Backed by the internationally acclaimed and highly sought-after fashion/business guru Redeemer Resk ‘Que, FSI is supported by one of the strongest foundations in the fashion world. Resk’s contributions as a revered fashion consultant and fashion week producer have graced the likes of major cities such as New York, Milan, Paris and Dubai.

FSI is untraditional in that it is a non-degree offering program — it is a lifestyle vocational institute where each and every individual student has their own space to learn and create magic. We offer accelerated and intensive certification programs taught by some of the most respected and seasoned professionals in the industry.

Depending on their career interests, FSI students may choose from our basic one-day intensive certification programs or even try our 4-week accelerated course offerings. Learn the art and business of fashion through courses offered on designing, modeling, styling, public relations, fashion week production, marketing, merchandising and more. At FSI, students can expect to work hands-on with professionals dedicated to teaching you every bit of what it takes to become the professional you aspire to be. Our students learn from the best of the best, applying the concepts and experiences to their future goals along the way.